Alrighty then..let’s do this!

Down the stairs, over the bridge and onto the path.  Not a bad place to go for a run. Who am I kidding? This place is amazing! I’m so spoiled! Ok Pandora, what’s on deck this morning? Hmmm… Hey!!! I know that girl who comes on at the end and says all that fancy legal stuff really fast… IT’S ME!! WOO HOO!!! How fun is this?!? SOO FUN!! And then it hits me…. the VERY first time I ever heard myself on the “radio” I was going for a run! I know Pandora isn’t officially a radio station but it kinda tries to act like one. Anyhow, I was living in Scottsdale Arizona at the time and one incredibly synchronistic event after another landed me into the world of voice over and then I got my first big break.

Well, it was big at the time.. HUGE in fact. I had just recorded a few radio spots for a local hospital. I didn’t even have an agent yet, I was just winging it. So there I was jogging around the park with my little hand held radio and my foam headphones, that would never really stay on my head and all of the sudden I heard the commercial… MY COMMERCIAL…. I stopped dead in my tracks. It all happened so quickly. It was the first time I had ever heard myself on the radio. I started laughing and jumping up and down and then screaming! It WAS awesome! And I’ve never forgotten it. I actually made an incredible friend through that experience, who’s still in my life. The thing is this.. when you do what you love and love what you do, it makes it all worth it. Whatever IT is.  I decided long ago that I would only choose to do things in my life that make my heart sing, good thing that what I do for a living does that, or perhaps that’s why I chose it in the
first place. Doesn’t matter… what DOES matter is how it makes you feel inside….
That’s HAPPINESS! And when you’re happy…. the whole world is just happy right back at you :))